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 Dear Member,

One of our member is in dire need of the entire of Wabi Sabi Arts help to save her son who is critically ill and needs to be operated urgently. It will be appreciated if we all can join hands together as one family and save her son David. A fundraising campaign has been created and we are relying on the entire family to come together and help her raise the funds needed. The family has been able to raise more than half of the funds needed. Below is the fundraising campaign, thank you for your support in advance. No amount is too small and any amount donated out of the kindness of your heart will be highly appreciated, you can also help by sharing the campaign.

 Janet would like you to support
Support "Help David"
by making a donation and helping spread the word

 David is a 3 year old boy who desperately needs your help. In November 2015, David was diagnosed with a rare disease known as Cholesteatoma, which causes a tumor to grow behind his ear drum.

This life threatening tumor is growing daily and needs to be operated on urgently before it eventually grows into his brain. A pioneering operation, costing 15,000, is available privately. This operation will not only lasers the tumor away, but it will also reduce the risk of David needing further treatment.

David wants to be a doctor when he grows up. Please help us raise the money for David operation so that he can live a normal, healthy life and fulfill his dream.

Please share your prayers and financial support to encourage David in this battle. Every dollar counts and any amount donated will be highly appreciated.

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