Diana Madill



Since a very young age, some form of art and creativity has been a part of my life.

My high school art classes at Korah Collegiate inspired me to continue on with my art. I took the visual arts program at Sault College of Applied Arts and Technology (many years ago now). I majored in fibre and commercial art.

Over the years I have also taken other summer courses at the Sir Sanford Fleming School of the Arts. Some of these courses include metal sculpture, wire sculpture, photography, silver jewellery casting and Japanese brush painting.

For many years I had been an illustrative painter, but was looking for a new medium in which I could test and challenge myself in new ways. I had always admired the warmth and earthy beauty of copper. I also enjoyed working in steel, but found it required a lot of equipment. Copper provided the metal element and only required minimal tools.

Fifteen years ago I began working with copper. My early experimentations with the metal have grown into a passion. I am primarily self taught in my copper work, and experience has taught me just how far I can stretch and shape the metal. Nature was always my main source of inspiration when I painted, so it was an easy translation into copper. I especially enjoy birds, flowers, insects, and animals.

I work in various weights of copper sheet and wire to create hammered vessels, leaves and jewellery. I also do fine tooled works in light weight copper, which I frame or use freeform as wall art. I am always trying to learn new methods and techniques.

On occasion I still paint, but my time is primarily spent working in copper. I am very pleased to have had my work (especially my copper maple leaves) sent too many parts of the world.